BAL ASIA Inc. was established on October 21, 1997 by Filipino Investors. Our primary business objective is to serve the Philippine food industry by manufacturing world-class food ingredients and a wide array of other food items. One of our major clients is BSFIL TECHNOLOGIES INC. We have a vast range of dry and wet blends, and also dehydrated various products and ingredients with our bio mass dryer.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Barangay Dayap, Calauan, Laguna. Our plant has state of the art manufacturing, processing and storage facilities-monitored 24 hours a  day, seven days a week by our engineering and quality control experts. We have the capability to meet our clients stringent standards with our retort facility, wet line system, bakery and meat pilot plants, and packing machines; amongst many others. Our company employs nearly 200 people from our surrounding community.