Sweets and Dairy Products

With the growing trends in beverage industry and high demand of dairy products, we supply clients in powdered drinks companies, ice cream companies, candy companies, bakeries and snacks. We customize products to suite our client’s needs and work for new project and concepts that will help grow their business.

Cocoa PowderVital Wheat GlutenGreen Tea ExtractDextrose AnhydrousMaltodextrinWhey PowderCheese Powder & ConcentrateButtermilk PowderSkimmed Milk PowderModified Tapioca Starch

Cocoa Powder

Alkalized cocoa powder is processed from the finest quality cocoa beans. It can withstand high temperature of cooking and can be used for a wide variety of applications. It is most suitable for beverage and dairy applications.

Vital Wheat Gluten

Also called “gluten flour”, “instant gluten flour”, “pure gluten flour”, and “vital wheat gluten” depending on the manufacturer. This is flour with the starch and bran removed. Gluten is the natural protein in the wheat endosperm which, when combined with water, forms a taffy-like dough. This retains the gas and steam during baking.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is made from natural green tea extract made from Chinese Roasted Green Tea with typical China Green Tea flavor.

Dextrose Anhydrous

Is obtained from the hydrolysis of starch by an enzyme and has traditionally been used as a sweetener in foodstuff where low moisture level is required but sweetness is milder than that of sucrose. It is also used as bulking agent and carrier.


Is enzyme and purified from cornstarch. Maltodextrin can be used especially as the material that is filled in food. It dissolves very quickly in water. It has the characters of resistance to acid and salt, prevention of crystal, good flow ability and stabilizing the foam in food.

Whey Powder

Is a spray-dried, free-flowing powder derived from 100% cow milk cheese production by a two-step drying process. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavor, artificial color or any other kind of additives.

Cheese Powder & Concentrate

Is a high-colored, free flowing powder with sharp cheddar cheese flavor. It is highly applicable for use in snacks and cheese seasonings. It can be used also in cheese sauce and dips, in refrigerated, frozen or dry products and as flavor coating to bread and pastry products.

Buttermilk Powder

Is tailored on the composition of traditional sweet cream buttermilk powder to satisfy the specialized applications within the food industry (ice cream, confectionery and bakery).

Skimmed Milk Powder

Is a milk powder blend, tailored on the composition of traditional skimmed milk powder. It possesses an enhanced balance of non-fat milk constituents giving an excellent nutritional profile and functionality in a variety of food products.

Modified Tapioca Starch

Is a bland tasting modified food starch derived from tapioca. This starch is extremely stable under low temperature storage conditions.